About Us

  1. Since the establishment in 2005, 5VTech has provided leading and high quality SoC solutions that address the applications in the market of voice, GPON/XGSPON, switch, etc. These solutions are deployed and recognized by the operators serving millions of people worldwide.


    Committing to providing the competitive solutions in the fast growing industry, 5VTech is transforming to become the software vendor. Key milestone:


    Q4. 2005: 5VT1310 ARM9-based VoIP SoC in MP

    Q4, 2007: 5VT1310 shipped over 1 million units

    Q4, 2008: 5VT1310 shipped over 2 million units

    Q4, 2009: 5VT1610 ARM11-based SoC in MP

    Q1, 2010: 5VT2310 MIPS-based GPON ONT SoC (Bridge mode) in MP

    Q3, 2013: 5VT251X MIPS-based GPON ONT SoC (Gateway mode) in MP

    Q2, 2020: Transitioning from the SOC focus to the software and system solutions


    Possessing the complete expertise and experience of voice and GPON/XGSPON and working with worldwide softswitch and OLT vendors, 5VTech continues providing the customers with professional services to address the deployments in the telecommunication industry.


    5V Technologies, Taiwan Ltd.